How To Master Skills For The TOEFL iBT Listening (Advanced)

How To Master Skills For The TOEFL iBT Listening (Advanced)

How To Master Skills For The TOEFL iBT Listening (Advanced)

How To Master Skills For The TOEFL iBT Listening – Giáo trình luyện nghe cho Toefl Ibt

“How To Master Skills For The TOEFL iBT Listening” is designed to be a TOEFL iBT listening preparation course or as a tool for individual learners who are preparing for the test on their own. Each unit provides a step-by-step program that includes question-solving strategies and the development of test-taking abilities.

PART 1 Basic Comprehension
Unit 1: Listening for Main Ideas
Music / Agriculture / Public Health / Literature
Unit 2: Listening for Main Purpose
Zoology / Geology / Astronomy / Climatology
Unit 3: Listening for Major Details
Dramatics / Literature / Language / Entomology

PART 2 Pragmatic Understanding
Unit 4: Understanding the Speaker’s Intention
Agriculture / Geology / Culture / Botany
Unit 5: Understanding the Speaker’s Attitude
Life Science / Climatology / Sociology / Biology

PART 3 Connecting Information
Unit 6: Understanding Organization
Art / Biology / Archeology / Zoology
Unit 7: Connecting Content
Psychology / Zoology / Culture / History
Unit 8: Making Inferences
Meteorology / Writing / Art / Geology


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