Objective Proficiency

Objective Proficiency

Objective Proficiency Self-study Student’s Book and Audio CD

This new course offers thorough preparation for the revised Certificate of Proficiency in English examination (December 2002 syllabus). Written by the authors of Objective First Certificate, it has the same easy-to-use approach and organisation. Twenty short units provide a wide range of topics, offering lively systematic preparation for the exam. Key features include three, two-page lessons per unit; ‘Exam folders’ with practice and advice for each part of the exam; ‘Writing folders’ with extensive support for the new paper 2 tasks; ten separate lessons on the paper 3 summary task; regular revision units; a ‘Grammar folder’ appendix, containing explanations and examples, and a ‘Self-study folder’ with answers to all exercises, thorough explanations, and tapescripts. The material has been informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus which shows typical Proficiency errors.

Contents: Unit 1. Ring the changes; Exam folder 1.; Unit 2. Expectation; Writing folder 1. Part 1 Letter; Unit 3. Strange behaviour; Exam folder 2.; Unit 4. Sweet rituals; Writing folder 2. Part 2 Review; Units 1- 4 Revision.; Unit 5. The consumer society; Exam folder 3.; Unit 6. The sound of music; Writing folder 3. Part 1 Essay; Unit 7. Vision on; Exam folder 4.; Unit 8. Urban jungle?; Writing folder 4. Part 2 Proposal; Units 5-8 Revision.; Unit 9. Fitting in; Exam folder 5.; Unit 10. Globalisation; Writing folder 5. Part 1 Article; Unit 11. For better for worse; Exam folder 6.; Unit 12. At the cutting edge; Writing folder 6. Part 2 Report; Unit 9-12 Revision.; Unit 13. Save the planet; Exam folder 7.; Unit 14. Get fit, live longer!; Writing folder 7. Part 1 Proposal; Unit 15. The daily grind; Exam folder 8.; Unit 16. Hidden nuances; Writing folder 8. Part 2 Set text question; Units 13-16 Revision.; Unit 17. Defining happiness; Exam folder 9.; Unit 18. On freedom; Writing folder 9. Part 1 Essay; Unit 19. The unexplained; Exam folder 10. Unit 20. a sense of humour; Writing folder 10. Part 2 articles and letters; Units 17-20 Revision.; Grammar folder.; Self-study folder 




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