Oxford FCE Practice Tests (New Edition) with key and Audio CDs

Oxford FCE Practice Tests

Oxford FCE Practice Tests (New Edition)


This Oxford FCE Practice Tests (New Edition) focus on practice tests for First Certificate Examination. This book Oxford FCE Practice Tests (New Edition) was written by Mark Harrison, published by Oxford in the year 2008.

Bộ sách Oxford FCE Practice Tests (New Edition) tập trung vào các đề bài mẫu cho kỳ thi First Certificate Examination. Bộ sách được biên soạn bởi Mark Harrison, xuất bản bới Nhà Xuất Bản Oxford năm 2008.

Author: Harrison, M & Kerr, R
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780194568753
Publication Date: 2008
Description: Four new tests for the revised First Certificate in English

This set of four practice tests is written by a highly experienced author, and replicates the revised FCE exam in level, content and format.

Each test book contains:
* Four complete practice tests
* Sample answer sheets
* Do-it-yourself mark sheets for calculating scores
* Assessment criteria for Paper 2 Writing and Paper 5 Speaking
* Eight-page colour section for Paper 5 Speaking

The WITH KEY edition is ideal for classroom use or as a self-study resource. It includes model answers for Paper 2 Writing tasks, audio scripts, and comes with two audio CDs.




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