SAT II Physics from

SAT II Physics from

SAT II Physics from

The SAT II subject tests are created and administered by the College Board and the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the two organizations responsible for the dreaded SAT I (which most people call the SAT). The SAT II Subject Tests were created to act as complements to the SAT I. Whereas the SAT I tests your critical thinking skills by asking math and verbal questions, the SAT II Subject Tests examine your knowledge of a particular subject, such as Physics, Writing, U.S. History, or Biology. The SAT I takes three hours; the Subject Tests take only one hour each.

In our opinion, the SAT II Subject Tests are better tests than the SAT I because they cover a definitive topic rather than ambiguous critical thinking skills. However, just because the SAT II Subject Tests do a better job of testing your knowledge of a useful subject doesn’t mean they are necessarily easier or demand less studying. A “better” test isn’t necessarily better for you in terms of how easy it will be.






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