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SAT/PSAT Word Games

SAT/PSAT Word Games SAT/PSAT Word Games


Need a break from practice tests and flashcards? SAT/PSAT Word Games is a fun way to brush up on standardized test vocabulary. By completing a series of challenging word games, students can prepare for the writing and reading sections of the SAT and PSAT exams. This book also covers topics such as developing new vocabulary and dissecting words to understand their meanings. SAT/PSAT Word Games includes more than 500 key test words and a variety of fun vocabulary-building activities, including:

– anagram magic squares
– acrostics
– cryptograms
– word scrambles
– brainteasers
– matching-column challenges
– hidden meaning puzzles

All word games include expert tips and hints, designed to help you remember vocabulary and achieve test success.

How to Use This Book

PART I: Understand Basic Vocabulary Secrets
Chapter 1 Know Your Common Prefixes and Suffixes
Chapter 2 Learn Root Words
Chapter 3 Deconstruct and Rebuild

PART II: Build an Awesome Vocabulary with Games
Chapter 4 Crossword Puzzles
Chapter 5 Anagrams
Chapter 6 Acrostics
Chapter 7 Jumbles
Chapter 8 Word Searches
Chapter 9 Matching Column Games
Chapter 10 Double-Word Puzzles
Chapter 11 Cryptograms

PART III: Set a Foolproof Strategy
Chapter 12 Planning and Preparing
Chapter 13 Anxiety-Busting Exercises
Chapter 14 Test-Day Checklist









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