Turbocharge your GMAT


Turbocharge your GMAT

Turbocharge your GMAT


GMAT Verbal Study Guide is one of the four books in Manhattan Review Turbocharge Your GMAT series. This book should be purchased in conjunction with GMAT Verbal Study Companion . It includes a bonus chapter of Advanced GMAT Vocabulary List and a promotional offer of unlimited access to Manhattan Review s online recording library.

These insightful study guides are designed for GMAT test-takers at all levels to improve their GMAT scores within a short time period. They prove to be particularly helpful for students who are aiming for 700+ GMAT scores.

GMAT Verbal Study Guide provides a comprehensive and thorough approach to targeting all tested concepts in the GMAT Verbal section. Not only is the book great for GMAT test-takers, it also includes all the grammar review and idiom lists which non-English native speakers may find useful. This book presents a great balance between in-depth study instructions and challenging GMAT problems. Its content covers the following key features:

_GMAT in a Nutshell
_ Grammar Review
_ Sentence Correction Guide
_ Critical Reasoning Framework
_ Reading Comprehension Strategies
_ Basic to Advanced Content
_ Bonus Chapter
Advanced Vocabulary
_ Free Web Downloads Available Turbocharge Your GMAT series offers a great balance between concept review, knowledge building and a large pool of GMAT practice questions.



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