The English You Need for Business

The English You Need for Business

The English You Need for Business

The extensive verb practice enables students to move from basic to more complex expressions. With the picture process format, The English You Need for Business helps students speak and write more clearly about events in a business environment.

Available separately, the Multi-skills Activity Book plus audio CD is an ideal complement to the main text and exercises listening, reading, comprehension and picture association skills on a chapter by chapter basis. The most important vocabulary is exercised in detail.


Key Features

– 46 color chapters

– Vocabulary topics such as making a presentation, following up after a
sales visit, and having a business lunch

– Key vocabulary sideboards in every unit

– Detailed index for every key term with usage notes

– Appendices cover conversions, common world currencies and irregular verb tables

– Free audio CD includes key vocabulary and chapter by chapter conversation practice

– Separate Multi-skills Activity Book to complement the main text



Audio Book





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