Vicki Hollett, Business Opportunities (Books and Audio)

 Vicki Hollett, Business Opportunities (Books and Audio)

Vicki Hollett, Business Opportunities (Books and Audio)


Oxford University Press, USA | 1995 | ISBN: 0194520285 | 192 pages | PDF, MP3 | 188 MB

Business Opportunities provides opportunities for practicing language in a range of professional situations, while offering opportunities to practice all four language skills, especially listening and speaking. For intermediate level students.This book is very good for a business person who needs to improve his/her English. Even though many of the activities are for group work, it works just as well with a teacher and an individual student. The listening tasks are excellent for those who have problems understanding spoken English. There are lots of standard phrases which are useful and at the end of each chapter there is a chance for the student to incorporate his/her own job into what we’ve learned. One small disadvantage however, the grammar sections are not too structured so the student will have to be rather familiar with English grammar before using this book. It is one of the Oxfs serie of business books. The following one to “Business Objectives



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