301 Legal Forms, Letters and Agreements

301 Legal Forms, Letters and Agreements
Lawpack Publishing| 2004 | ISBN 1904053661 | 384 pages | PDF | 32Mb


The best-selling library of legal forms, packed with letters and agreements for solutions to a whole range of situations. Our best-selling DIY law book, updated in October 2004 and now in its eighth edition, is packed with forms, letters and agreements for your legal protection in virtually every situation. It provides a complete do-it-yourself library of 301 ready-to-use legal documents, written and approved by solicitors, for business or personal use. It is there to safeguard your legal rights and protect you, your family, your property and your business from everyday legal problems, without the inconvenience or cost of using a solicitor.

Using 301 Legal Forms Letters and Agreements is an ideal way of getting it in writing. What better way is there to document your important transactions, avoid costly disputes and enforce your legal rights? In a few minutes you can draw up the legal form or agreement you need to sidestep misunderstandings, comply with legal obligations and avoid liability.

The book also features cut-out pages for photocopying, and forms approved by the HMSO where applicable. It is invaluable to any individual or business that wants to save legal fees!





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