Aim High Level 1-3

Aim high level 1-3

Aim High Level 1-3


Aim High will help your students succeed as language learners in the classroom, with their homework and also in exams. It builds students’ vocabulary knowledge through a structured and progressive approach. There are over 50 active vocabulary items in each unit, including words from the Oxford 3000™. Students learn the meaning of new words but they also learn how and when to use them for themselves. And these are not just useful, everyday words. They’re also introduced to expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs, and so on. Essential language for communicating well in English.


Key Features
• Develops language learning and presents vocabulary through rich and motivating texts.
• Includes key words from the Oxford 3000™ (a list of the most important words to know in English) and extends vocabulary knowledge with idioms, expressions, phrasal verbs etc.
• Teaches essential study skills and learning strategies and includes a Dictionary Corner to help students become autonomous learners.
• Supports learning with a Grammar Builder and Grammar Reference for easy reference and review.
• Encourages self-study with over 180 varied activities on the Student CD-ROM.



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