Disney Learning Series Ages 3-5-7

ddition and Subtraction (Ages 5-7)
Disney Learning Series
Beginning Sounds (Ages 3-5) | The Alphabet (Ages 5-7) | Addition and Subtraction (Ages 5-7) | Time & Money (Grade 2)

The Disney Learing series offers a unique educational approach to teaching essential skill to you child. The full-color workbooks use a delightful Disney character on every page to motivate young children and create exciting lessons.The workbook pages are in color with all your favorite Disney characters and also includes a letter for parents and teachers. Each page is perforated for easy removal, and is filled with engaging activities. The activities emphasize the key building blocks for academic success. It is complete with an answer key and a parent resource page.


Disney Learning includes:

• reading, mathematics, language, writing and fine motors skills

• a delightful Disney or Disney/Pixar character on every page

• parent resources


Kích chuột vào hình để tải sách tương ứng

Beginning Sounds (Ages 3-5)

The Alphabet (Ages 5-7)

ddition and Subtraction (Ages 5-7)

Phonics and Readings

Time & Money (Grade 2)

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