English Result Upper-Intermediate

English Result Upper-Intermediate
English Result Upper-Intermediate


With the publication of the upper-intermediate level, English Result is now a four-level adult course with full teacher support and resources.

Key Features

  • English Result motivates students in two ways: it makes lessons enjoyable for students, and it turns language into output quickly so students can see the immediate results of their learning.
  • Highly visual impact pages make every lesson enjoyable and keep motivation high.
  • Practical outcomes take students from how to to can do in every lesson.
  • Clear, realistic learning goals sustain motivation throughout the course.
  • The 2-pages lesson format makes the course accessible and easy to use.
  • Speaking syllabus includes spoken interaction and spoken production

Additional Information

Features of the new special edition in all four levels:

  • More grammar-focus with double pages of grammar reference and review in every unit.
  • New Student’s Book and DVD Packs include a DVD of culture-rich material linked to the Student’s Book topics
  • New Teacher Resource Packs include photocopiable activities for every unit, and the course DVD with worksheets.
  • iTools provide interactive materias for using with an interactive whiteborad or data projector.




Pass: ebooktienganh.com



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