Getting the messages full 3 levels

Getting the messages full 3 levels

Getting the messages full 3 levels
Dermot MURPHY and Janelle COOPER 


Getting the Message is a new three-level supplementary course designed to stimulate and extend student’s skills and interest in reading. It is aimed at students from 11 or 12 to 16 years old, from elementary to intermediate level. There are ten topic-based units in each level. The topics have been carefully chosen for the appropriate age group and a wide variety of text types is covered. The texts are specially written or adapted to allow careful grading of language and content appropriate to the level. Each unit contains a range of activities designed to develop reading skills, additional vocabulary and grammar exercises, follow-up project work linked to the topic, and a Developing Skills section, which allows students to assess and discuss their reading skills. A cassette containing recordings of the reading texts accompanies each level and a single Teacher’s Guide to all three levels is available.








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