Oxford Word Skills Advanced

Oxford Word Skills
Student’s Book | Supplementary Materials | CD-ROM
Advanced Oxford Word Skills – Learn and practise English vocabulary

Advanced Oxford Word Skills is the third level in a three-level topic-based vocabulary course to learn and practise words, phrases and lexical grammar in context. This book is for advanced learners. Short, clear presentations and lots of opportunity for practice give students the confidence to use new vocabulary.

Key Features
• 2,000 words at each level show the meaning and how words work in context
• ‘I can…’ approach to each unit so students can see learning goals
• Fully integrated Super Skills CD-ROM with interactive listening and speaking activities and pronunciation model for every vocabulary item
• ‘Cover and check’ card makes it easy for students to test themselves
• Regular review units so students can check progress


Full (chia sẻ từ bạn Sam Set)

Pass: ebooktienganh.com

Đối với file có đuôi .ebta, các bạn rename file thành đuôi .rar và giải nén như bình thường nhé :)



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