Practise your pron – British Council

Practise your pron – British Council


Welcome to Practise Your Pronounciation, the British Council’s self study pronunciation programme. This programme consists of a CD plus a study guide and script for the CD. It is suitable for students of English at all levels who want to improve their pronunciation. The programme deals with the sounds of English and with ways of making your speech sound polite and natural. It includes dialogues and short texts to help you practise your pronunciation in everyday situations. Follow the programme or select from it and you can learn how to speak more clearly and naturally and communicate more successfully.

Produced by the British Council Singapore


Producer: Allen Baird;

Scriptwriter: Lesley Fellingham;

Readers: Gill Atkinson, Shaza Haq, David Humphreys

Editors: Irene Cruikshanks, Paul Tolton, Alaisdair Raynham, David Kemp, Allen Baird




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