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Read It Yourself: The Wizard of Oz Level 4


Read It Yourself is a series of graded readers designed to give young children a confident and successful start to reading. Level 4 is suitable for children who are ready to read longer stories with a wider vocabulary. The stories are told in a simple way and with a richness of language which makes reading a rewarding experience. Repetition of new vocabulary reinforces the words the child is learning and exciting illustrations bring the action to life.

At this stage children may prefer to read the story aloud to an adult without first discussing the pictures. Although children are now progressing towards silent, independent reading, they need to know that adult help and encouragement is readily available. When children meet a word they do not know, these words can be worked by looking at the beginning letter (what sounds does this letter make?) and other sounds that the child recognizes within the word. The child can then decide which word makes sense.

• Clear type
• Full, exciting story
• Wider and more interesting vocabulary
• Detailed pictures for added entertainment and discussion


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