Situational Dialogues

Situational Dialogues (Book+Audio)

Situational Dialogues
  Intermediate and Advanced | Michael Ockenden | Longman | ISBN: 0582744091 | English


This revised edition of the successful conversational English book, Situational Dialogues, has brought it up to date, while at the same time retaining all the features which have made it so popular.

These include:
– 44 everyday situations, each containing four dialogues in natural, conversational English
– situations relevant to those studying or travelling in England, such as eating out, entertainment and travel, as well as more general functions relevant to any students who need social English, such as greetings, complaining and apologising
– cassette containing all the dialogues as well as gapped dialogues for further practice
– drills to reinforce structures, vocabulary and expressions useful in the situation
– key to the more complex drills at the end of the book
– suitable for use in class or for self-study with the cassette



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