Easy English Vocabulary

Easy English Vocabulary

Easy English Vocabulary

Living Language – Easy English Vocabulary


Easy English Vocabulary is an audio-only course, so you don’t need to do any reading or writing to learn all of the vocabulary introduced in this program. Just listen to the program and repeat. It’s as simple as that. But many people learn better when they are able to see what they are being taught. So we’ve also included this free printed book with all of the words and definitions from the CDs and bonus lessons.

Welcome to Easy English Vocabulary, a Living Language audio program created to help you learn hundreds of useful words, phrases, and phrasal verbs in English. This program includes 11 lessons on two CDs and three bonus audio lessons on the internet. You can find these free, extra lessons by going to www.livinglanguage.com.

A good way to use the book is to read it over once before you listen to the lesson, and then again afterwards. And most importantly, remember that you can move through this program at your own speed. If you need to listen to sections or lessons more than once, just go back in the audio and review as much as you need to until you feel comfortable. Ready to get started?





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