Oxford Word Skills Basic

Oxford Word Skills Basic

Oxford Word Skills Basic


Oxford Word Skills presents and practises the words, phrases, and lexical grammar students need to listen, speak, read, and write confidently on a wide range of topics and everyday situations. Units are simple and clear. Each one sets a clear ‘I can …’ learning goal so students can see exactly what they will be able to do and why. With over 2,000 key words at each level and plenty of opportunity to practise, students can cover exactly the vocabulary they need – including typical exam topics.

It is ideal for use either in or outside the classroom. Each unit introduces just the right amount of vocabulary for students to learn and remember in one session and explains the new words using real-life contexts and situations.

Easy-to-use: there are spaces for writing in the answers plus a ‘Test yourself’ cover card for students to ‘cover and check’ they have learned the new vocabulary. Regular review units allow students to check their progress and test longer-term recall. Short of time? You can use Oxford Word Skills for just 20 or 30 minutes of a lesson. Short explanations and quick practice activities mean minimal preparation. Students have access to even more practice material to expand and improve their vocabulary including listening activities and tests. Downloadable extra learning tools such as a month by month vocabulary calendar, learning records and mini-phrasebooks make studying vocabulary fun.



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