McGraw Hill Read and Write Course 4 Grade 9

McGraw-Hill - Read and Write Course 4 Grade 9 Teacher's Book, 358 Pages
 McGraw-Hill – Read and Write Course 4 Grade 9 Full Student Book, Teacher Book
Glencoe’s Read and Write for English language learners provides additional language and concept support for students using the Glencoe Literature program. This resource may be used to preteach the selections or as a parallel instruction to the whole group. The Read and Write student edition follows the organization of the Glencoe Literature program, with instruction and support provided for the following features:
•  Literary Element
•  Reading Strategy
•  Vocabulary
One of the major concerns of teachers of English language learners (ELLs) is how to move students beyond basic interpersonal communicative skills to academic language
proficiency. Research shows that the most effective way for ELLs to develop this proficiency and to build content knowledge and improve language learning—is to focus them on active engagement in learning and to use meta cognitive and cognitive learning strategies. Monitoring comprehension, building background, making inferences about possible meanings of new vocabulary systematic instruction in all these strategies helps ELLs become more proficient.
The Read and Write philosophy of learner interaction, strategic intervention, and academic language development aligns with current linguistic thinking and best practices for teaching English language learners. Read and Write offers comprehensible instruction that is cognitively demanding and contextually embedded. Side notes, for instance, explain reading strategies and literary elements in a clear, interactive format, providing concrete examples for abstract concepts, such as drawing conclusions
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