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English for Personal Assistants

English for Personal Assistants
English for Personal Assistants

The essential handbook for doing business internationally



English is the international language of business and companies increasingly expect their employees, especially secretaries and PAs, to deal competently with business partners from foreign countries. The book develops and refines the key productive skills of writing and speaking in real-life contexts. It provides guidelines, models, and exercises to enable you to manage your tasks more effectively and efficiently in English.

English for Personal Assistants is written by native English business practitioners and contains only authentic materials. The book is compact and presents situations that are instantly recognisable to today’s executive secretary. It’s also practical, easy-to-use, and up-to-date.

Book contents include:
• writing effective emails
• handling complaints tactfully
• giving and receiving feedback
• writing proposals and reports
• giving presentations
• influencing strategies and tactics
• dealing with difficult people
• saying ‘no’ politely and assertively






Pass: ebooktienganh.com



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