Hot English Magazine 109

Hot English Magazine 109
Hot English Magazine 109

Hot English is a truly unique monthly magazine. It contains useful language and fun articles with key words explained in easy-to-understand English.

Hot English comes with:

* A 70-minute audio CD with accents from all over the English-speaking world.
* 52 pages of English language content.
* Hundreds of articles to help improve your English.
* Combined with helpful glossaries that explain key words and expressions.
* US and British English, plus lots of other accents from the English-speaking world.


* Lots of slang that no one else will teach you.
* Useful English expressions.
* Phrasal verbs and idioms the fun way.
* Business English.
* About cultural topics from the English-speaking world.
* Real English in genuine contexts.

All the English you’ll ever need:

* Humorous articles.
* The latest music and film.
* Up-to-date news articles and analytical articles.
* Cartoons and games.






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