The Teacher Magazine No 136 (June 2011)

The Teacher Magazine No 136

The Teacher´s Magazine Nº 136 (June 2011)

In this issue we are going to get down to work in the kitchen, which will be buzzing with activity. The students will learn everything, from ways of cooking, action verbs to herbs and species for cooking and kitchen utensils. There are plenty of activities for you to pick out the right ones for your courses. They will allow you to work in several ways, with different purposes. You will also find tips for using poetry and song lyrics in the classroom; photocopiable activities to commemorate Flag Day and the last series of our flashcard numbers. Last, but no least, a very interesting article on post-colonial literatures will introduce us to the role of literature in the English classroom and will be a starting point for teachers eager to know more about the richness and significance of this subject.



How shall we cook this?
Cooking actions and kitchen utensils.
Species for cooking.
What are post-colonial literatures?
Poetry in action. Exploring and exploiting poetry in the EFL classroom.
Number flashcards.
Photocopiable activities.
The castle of colours.
Using song lyrics to teach English.
Good study habits.





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