The Teacher´s Magazine Nº 135 (May 2011)

The Teacher's Magazine

The Teacher´s Magazine Nº 135 (May 2011)

This edition of The Teacher’s Magazine is full of tips for a wide range of activities and suggestions to bring along to your classes and make the teaching-learning process a smooth and enjoyable experience. These tips include what you need to bear in mind when preparing tests, how to deal with irregular verbs and how to write informal letters and emails.
In connection with May 1, Labour Day, you will find tips and practice on key issues when applying for a job, such as writing a CV and cover letter, filling in an application form or having an interview.
Special pages celebrate a new anniversary of the 1810 May Revolution and commemorate the creation of Argentina’s National Anthem.
Finally, we go on with a new series of number flashcards and present an article highlighting the advantages of using a tool like Skype to help students improve their listening and speaking skills.


The basic of testing
Irregular verbs.
Applyng for a job.
Flashcards: Numbers.
Songs or poems?
Photocopiable activities.
Using Skype to improve English.

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