IELTS for Academic purposes

IELTS for Academic Purposes is a concise, user-friendly course designed to be used intensively in the weeks and months prior to the exam. It is ideal for both classroom-based learning and self-study. The core material provides approximately 40 hours of instruction, while a number of different reinforcement and extension options are provided in the other course components. The Student’s Book consists of 8 topic-based units, focusing on the development of key exam skills tested in the IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking modules. Each unit also contains an exam practice section, which allows students to apply their exam skills in an IELTS-style context. The Student’s Book also offers a complete end-of-course practice test covering all four IELTS modules, plus reference sections for grammar, vocabulary, skills, model compositions, and a sample IELTS answer sheet and report card.

The Bandscore Booster reviews, consolidates and extends the content of the Student’s Book. The Interactive CD-ROM functions as a Self-Study Guide where the authors themselves walk the students through the book and the exam. It also includes pronunciation files specifically designed for speakers of different first languages, and practice tests.

Key Features

• Ideal for both classroom-based instruction and self-study.
• Placement Test helps students identify strengths and weaknesses and how
best to use the course.
• Systematic development of key exam skills and techniques.
• Five complete IELTS practice tests.
• Student’s Book
• Interactive CD-ROM (including Self-Study Guide)
• Bandscore Booster
• Bandscore Booster Audio CD

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