Cambridge YLE Test - Starters 5

Cambridge YLE Starters 5


These practice tests from Cambridge ESOL are designed to evaluate the English level of primary learners aged 7-12. They provide the first step towards the  ESOL main suite exams (eg KET, PET, and FCE). There are 3 sets of tests for each of the 3 levels:  Starters,  Movers and  Flyers. Each set contains 3 full-colour tests, an audio cassette / CD, and an answer booklet.






Answer Booklet

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  1. Admin
    2012-02-11 04:10:43

    @Kevin Tinh: link file ebook bị lỗi, 2 file kia vẫn down đc nhé, mình sẽ up lại ebook thôi.

  2. Kevin Tinh
    2012-02-09 10:24:24

    Vui long re-up lai tron bo Cambridge Young Learners English Tests Starters