Laser B1

FCE Laser B1
Author: Taylore-Knowles, S
Publisher: Macmillan
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789604471591
Publication Date: 2008



Level: B1+ / Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate. Designed to bridge the gap between B1 (Intermediate) and B2 (FCE) level English. Provides comprehensive coverage of the grammar and vocabulary required at this level as well as extensive language skills practice.

Key Features

Vocabulary Builder sections, focusing on topic-based lexis, collocations, patterns, word formation, phrasal verbs and metaphorical use of language. Comprehensive practice in revised FCE exam-orientated task types. Revision sections after every two units. Writer’s database, Word pattern database, Phrasal verb database, Speaking database, and Grammar database, for students’ reference. Downloadable wordlists available for Laser Pre-FCE



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