TOEFL Success (Audio CDs + ebook)


Section 1: Listening

This section is divided into two parts: Part A: Dialogues and Part B: Extended Conversations. If you have purchased a version of this book with tapes or CDs, use them to accompany the audio sections. See page ix for instructions for the nonaudio version of this book.

Section 2: Structure

This section categorizes common grammatical points tested in structure problems and suggests ways to solve these problems.

Section 3: Reading

This section of the book prepares you for the third section of the TOEFL test. The Reading portion of the book suggests reading attack skills, lists the various types of questions asked about the passages, and

offers suggestions for answering each type of question. There are in-depth reading exercises to practice these techniques.

Section 4: Essay Writing

This part of the book introduces the essay writing section and presents the best methods for planning, writing, and checking the essay. There are model essays of strong essays, and there are practice questions.

Practice Test

The practice test provides one of the best ways to get ready for the TOEFL test because it draws together all the points you have studied. The practice test in this book simulates as much as possible a computer based test.


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