Oxford Practice Tests for the TOEIC Test 1
Oxford Practice Tests for the TOEIC Test 1

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Available in two volumes, these complete practice tests offer systematic preparation for the TOEIC test, one of the world’s leading Business English exams. The presentation of the tests closely replicates the actual tests, providing full training as well as invaluable familiarization with the exam format.

• The introduction includes a detailed description of all parts of the test, along with strategies for effective preparation.
• Detachable answer sheets are included so that students can practise writing their answers under realistic conditions.
• The With Answers edition contains an extended key, giving full explanations of why answers are right or wrong, as well as a tapescript for the listening material.
• A conversion chart is included so that scores can be easily related to an approximate exam score.
• The With Answers edition is available as a self-study pack with CDs for the listening component.



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