Topic-Discussion Textbook 1: What Do You Think?

30 Controversial Issues Today for Post-Advanced Classes
Book | Zip File | 9MB


This Korean EFL reading and discussion text is the first book in a two volume set. It has 30 chapters covering a variety of subjects including medical patients right to know, surrogate motherhood, rape, euthanasia, suicide, women in combat, gun control, environmental destruction and drunk driving. Each chapter consists of a short reading passage followed by comprehension questions, discussion questions and opinions.

“Any practiced speaker of English as a second-language will find What Do You Think? a useful, thought-provoking tool in furthering his linguistic competence. It will also help keep him informed world, and encourage him to speak out about these issues and their consequences.” – Duane Vorhees





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  1. Hieu Le
    2013-08-05 23:32:09

    link die roi ad oiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Zungnt
    2013-05-17 08:36:21

    ^^ very interesting movie indeed